A day in the life of a Social Media Strategist

As a marketer, my role is very varied and challenging at the best of times. A big part of my role is taking charge and effectively managing the social media channels for the company as well as planning ahead via my content calendar and the trickiest part of all writing engaging and compelling content. So as you can imagine it’s not as easy it sounds, this is why I have decided to write a post about a day in the life of me (well part of me as being a social media strategist is a fraction of my job role.)

A typical day of a social media strategist can start as early as you wake up, the first thing you do is see whats trending, breaking news and discover what has got everyone talking. That is the easy bit, next you need to begin thinking, how is this relevant to my company? The best thing to do is write down the current topics and begin fitting the jigsaw pieces of how you could retweet something. That is what is known as a call of action and is what brings the reader back to your brand.

My typical schedule consists of looking after all the social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A lot of work goes into this and should ideally consist of the following:
Twitter: Posting at least one post an hour, re-tweeting the minimum of four influential tweets. Monitoring both the Twitter and Facebook consistently for comments, questions likes and re-tweets so I can respond effectively.
Facebook: Ideally posting 3-5 posts a day
Instagram: Ideally 2-3 posts a day

Re-posting and tweeting influential posts is great, but I still need to think of creative ways to promote content, competitions we have and truly engage our fans and followers with the use of memes, pictures, infographics and questions.

But the day doesn’t end there, as a strategist I need to track everything and analyse what works and gains the most engagement so I can plan content for the future, which I know will enable the brand to gain good exposure. The last part of the day is about reading influential posts and sifting through what can be re posted and what you can you use to create original content relevant to your brand. I tend to allocate a day each week to write original content as I personally feel you need to be in a creative mindset in order to write the best content.

This is only a snippet of my day to day to do list, but what can seem challenging and hard-work is the thrill of the role and without it I wouldn’t love what I do.


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