The 7 Golden Rules to Social Media Marketing

Rule number 1:

Be silly! When it comes to social media marketing you can’t take yourself too seriously. You want your brand to be likeable and appealing to your audience. So get fun and from time to time post a funny meme or maybe a cheeky photo from the office Christmas party.

Rule 2:

Social media marketing needs a lot of work from planning what days and times to post, to preparing content in advance. It’s not all about inbound marketing though, paying an outbound source is invaluable in gaining those followers and reaching a much wider audience. This can be easily done for example you can achieve this by paying twitter to promote either a specific tweet or  your profile across a wider audience.

Rule 3:

Make your content good! This is self explanatory in order to engage your audience your content has to be relevant and newsworthy. 

Rule 4:

Always have a strong call to action!  Be clear with what your objective for your audience is after they have engaged in the content you post. Do you want them to buy your product? Re-post your content or just be loyal.

Rule 5:

Adding value should be a priority. What ever you post make sure it add values to your customer base. You should be thinking about whether your post is informative, and useful. If your content isn’t providing any value to your users, you need go back to the drawing board.

Rule 6:

The most fundamental rule of them all is to remember social is just not about your brand, but your users too. Use social as a way to not only broadcast a message but communicate with users. Customers tend to directly approach brands via their social media channels so be sure to always respond quickly and be as helpful as possible.

Rule 7:

Don’t be selfish when it comes to writing content. Like something a peer posted? Then share it! Sharing influential content by others is a great way to gain new followers and getting your message heard across a wider audience. Even better if influential people return the favour and share your content too.




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