Embracing Twitter Moments

Twitter has an active 316million users with approximately 500 million tweets sent out daily, this information is irreverent for the average Joe, but for marketeers this is vital information. Being aware of the number of followers you need to reach out to from a marketing position can seem overwhelming at the best of times which is why now is the time to embrace Twitter’s new moments feature.

So what are “Moments” and how they can help?

Struggling to keep up with hot topics and missing things whilst you were on vacation? “Moments” have been designed to help you keep in the know and discover Twitter’s most discussed topics. It is a series of tweets that have been collectively put together around a specific topic so you as the user can read the discussion around a topic in an easier format.

We all know conversations are consistently happening and it’s near impossible to have your ear to the ground listening to whats going on right now, right here in the moment. That is where Twitter’s new moment feature comes in handy it allows you to get up to speed, and find out whats happening regardless of who you follow. Perfect for marketeers who need to know whats hot but aren’t following all the relevant people.

How is this relevant for a marketer?

As a marketing individual myself it’s vital I know the trends, events and conversations happening that are related to my role. I need to be be able to tweet out content that will gain traction at the right moment. As we all know sending out a timely tweet can be make or break for gaining re-tweets, likes and new followers.




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