August 17-28

So we only just got over Google to Alphabet and everyone jumping on the #Straight Outta bandwagon, to be catapulted  in a new 2 weeks worth of trends on Social Media. Here is what is hot at the end of August.

#Ashley Madison. The world has been talking about this for a while, but only this week did the hackers publish users email details, with some of the leaked contacts being big names. Uh Oh!! Guess you should not of been cheating if your now worried about the consequences.

#Dismaland a theme-park by the artist Banksy. Everybody is aware of artist Banksy and his take on culture, with his trademark satirical pieces. All of which are sold for thousands of pounds at auctions. Banksy has decided to go one step further and re-open a childhood favourite place of his, Tropicana in Weston-super-Mare. 

#GCSE Results.  This week saw memes after memes of stressed 16year old’s anxiously awaiting results, with the usual “OMG my life is over” but the best thing to come out of this trend was Malala gaining all A*s and A’s a true inspirational young lady.

#1Direction to split for a year. Queue the hysteria and crying tweens… so another boyband bites the dust! This week 1Direction announced they were to take a break in March 2016 to allow the remaining members to pursue solo projects, we all know where this road ends, once the year is up it highly unlikely the band will get back together as a foursome. Oh Zayn what have you done? To be fair Zayn leaving first was probably the best move to do as he will always be remembered as the one who broke up 1Direction haha 🙂


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