Top YouTube Marketing ad’s that show Social Media Campaigns at their best.

Creating a Social Media Campaign that gets hits and thousands of likes and shares is not an easy task, but some companies are masters of it and truly connect with the audience by having that emotional original hook. This post is not so much a how to, but you can take note of how these brands mastered their campaigns through social media.

As you know if you read my posts, I have a strong passion for all things video and should really post a vlog myself at some point. So it was only fitting I share with you some of my favourite YouTube Adverts and how they class as great examples of Social Media Campaigns. The examples I chose ooze creativity, inspiration and well some are just so amazingly heartfelt they instantly became my favourite.

1: #LikeAGirl An Always campaign. This campaign is truly heartfelt it wasn’t just about selling ‘Always’ but it was about how the #LikeAGirl has a negative effect on girls growing up experiencing puberty. The campaign was about making it aware of this #  and how it can have an impact on girl’s self-confidence. With over 200,000 likes this was one of the best social media campaigns of 2014.

2:#FriendsAreWaiting A Budweiser Campaign. Who doesn’t love puppies? Puppies are always a major selling point for campaigns and the love they have for their humans is undeniably the most adorable connection ever. Budweiser used a Labrador pup to show that you should drink responsibly and not drink and drive.

3: #FriendsFurever An Android advert. With over 111,000 Facebook shares and 100,000 likes on YouTube this was defiantly one of the top YouTube adverts of 2015 so far. To be fair this campaign does lack originality as the majority of it is stitched videos from other YouTube users but one thing for sure is, it undeniably oozes cuteness.


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