August 4th – 14th

As we approach the end of British Summer, and say goodbye to the very little sunshine we had. I think I counted maybe 2 weeks of a heatwave and then the good old rain came back to say hello…but aside from the weather so much has been trending these past two weeks in the world of social from no-gender specific toy labels to GOOGLE shocking the world with its name change to Alphabet!

Here is the pick of the crop of what has been trending this week:

  1. Target and the removal of gender specific signs for toy displays. After a tweet went viral about a sign in Target which distinguished ‘Building Sets’ and ‘Girls Building Sets’ Target decided it was time to remove these signs and stop gender stereotyping toys.
  2. Google turns into Alphabet?? This was a major topic this week and came as a shock to most of the world. How can Google just decide to change its name especially as Google is such a prominent name in internet culture. With over 304k mentions on Twitter alone Google’s name change was a hot trending topic of the week.
  3. Tinder has a Twitter war with Vanity Fair! Tinder is widely known to be a hook up site for singles looking to have fun, so when Vanity Fair wrote an article on Tinder and headlined it with “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse’ Tinder fought back claiming that it is not just a site which has made sex easy it actually has resulted in a few marriages of people who found love via Tinder. Whose to judge right? To be fair the majority of Twitter mentions were negative towards Tinder with users saying they were overreacting.
  4. #Straight Outta. This # was amazing from a marketing perspective for the movie. The hashtag created such a stir along social media sites with so many people creating their own images overlaid with the #StraightOutta.

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