Market your brand the right way with Facebook

There are a number of brands that already use Facebook as part of their marketing strategy, but a majority of them are not using Facebook marketing to it’s full potential.

Facebook in terms of marketing a brand should be used as a window for companies to gain an interactive audience. You want your Facebook audience to care about your brand so as a company you need to build on this community and use it as a place to create and share helpful content.

For instance if your Company develops games, use your Facebook community to not only share updates on up and coming games but more useful content on related content, such as health benefits of using games that promote fitness or articles on how gaming can improve basic mental abilities.

Investing time in content will help build your audience and drive traffic. It is simple maths more traffic will help build your Facebook audience and your overall brand.

  1. First step to creating a great marketing brand through Facebook is going back to basics, your company website has to be on point, make sure it is well designed, showcases your brand and speaks your voice. Building a Facebook audience is great but if they link to your website and see it lacks certain values, all the effort in creating a Facebook audience will be to no avail.
  2. So you have a steady audience and  the company website down to perfection, now what? Now is the time to start stacking up that content to blog to your Facebook page. As I previously wrote make the content useful to your audience. A great place to start if your lacking ideas is speaking to your customer service team, they are the first point of contact for your audience so they are the best people to ask what questions and queries users are frequently asking. It is from here you can form the basis of your content and write up posts that are helpful. Remember to stack up blog posts and publish content on a regular basis.
  3. Sharing all the content that you created. Once you have shared content on Facebook, do not make the mistake of ignoring it and posting a new post. You need to interact with your followers and build a conversation around your blog post. For instance if your post is a ‘How to..’ ask your followers questions have they ever had a problem that needed solving and state how your post can help solve that problem. You want to inspire followers to click and share this is key to building that pivotal connection of using Facebook to market your brand.
  4. The next logical step to take now that you have a steady flow of content building up is to promote that content. As a brand you want to expand your audience wider and target more people. Facebook have a tool integrated in their app called audience insights and is a great way to measure demographics and purchase activity to name a few. It further allows you to look at trends about current or potential followers across Facebook.
  5. Going that step further from audience insights and building a website custom audience. A point to be aware of when promoting your posts to interests the majority of people who see it will more than likely ignore it, but it is still an important factor is finding your audience as you can capture the few people that do click on and express an interest. It is good to roughly create your Website Custom Audience to the past 6months so you can collect enough data on your audience.
  6. Lastly build that Fan base! If you followed the above steps you should now have that audience, but don’t stop there you can now begin to target ads and content. As the audience and fan base grows so will the traffic to your website, (Which is why it is key to be perfect) and your overall brand.

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