How to write content that ‘sticks’

Creating great content couldn’t of become any easier, as there are so many platforms available and with new ones constantly being created there will always be ways to get your content out into the world. The real challenge of having great content is making it stick and even having the possibility of going viral, which in itself is a challenge.

So how can we make the steps to achieve this goal, I cant guarantee all your content will go viral with these steps but there is a possibility. The most important step when first creating content is making sure your content follows the below, so be sure to tick each off.


Secondly, you need to try and create a hook. If your content has any chance of being seen by hundreds, thousands or even millions you should try and link it with an event such as a sports event, television show or big awards ceremony such as the Golden Globes for instance.  You can read more about this in a previous post about capturing your audience with tweets.

Next you need to publish regularly, in order to gain real traction posting once a week wont cut it. I’m not saying post irrelevant content everyday, but do aim to post 2-3 times a week at the minimum and ensure content is relevant to your audience and brand.  The more you post the easier it will be to analyse and learn what content works for you and your audience.

Speaking of good content to post on a regular basis, remember if posting video content quality is not a major player, as long as content connects with its audience and tells a story hooking the audience quality of the video wont matter, so  no need to blow a huge budget on a professionally made production.

A key point to remember when trying to make content stick or go further and become viral is having a good headline. Do not forget when your content shows up as re-tweets or in Google search only the headline will show up so ensure it is relevant to what your content is about and enticing enough for people to click and open.

Lastly search key influencers who are likely to read your content and in turn share it to their many followers.


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