Making it to the finish line.

“Content is Fire and Social Media is Gasoline” Jay Baer

The above quote sums up what the majority of companies fail to do, so many businesses fall into the trap of starting a new marketing campaign to gain traction and new followers, which follows with companies gaining this new excitement about the bright idea of starting a twitter feed or instagram campaign, but this is only the beginning and from here onwards the real hard work starts.

In order for Social media to work for your company you need to keep the content flowing and consistent but most importantly relevant, nobody follows a twitter feed which is strictly about business. Companies first port of call when marketing in Social media is to market to promote your marketing, brands need to break the habit of talking or tweeting and tweeting in this case about self awareness for instance,when a brand uses twitter and sends out a tweet such as the following;

“Grand export sports news now available to download in Japanese”

if the above tweet is constantly tweeted out it will only be relevant to people who speak that language, yes it good to tweet this but you then need to break up the tweets and mention something else that would be relevant to others structure your content from time to time and make it more human. The wider your audience the better the traction.

That is what Jay Baer quote is demonstrating, your social media strategy should inform more than it promotes.  It is only understandable that creating constant relevant content is hard work and time consuming but a great way to keep track of your content is to using stacking applications such as Buffer which not only schedule your content but will help you analyse the content and work out what content is most relevant to your audience.

The end of finishing line is a long treacherous path, but the harder companies work at it eventually it will help companies grow and effectively have a great Social media strategy in place.


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