Public Relations + SEO = A happy Couple

Public Relations and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) go hand in hand. It is vital that your Brand’s news is showing up in Google search results!

If your not showing up in search engines such as Google, then you need to consider what your doing wrong and re-evaluate your business plans. SEO is a vital tool which allows Journalists, Bloggers and your key audience the ability to search for you.

So you have well written press releases, coverage of your brand in Magazines and News articles, up to date social media feeds but no real traction?? What your missing is a the other half of a happy couple, because without having an active effort in Optimization, big search engines like Google cannot index your content rendering it useless.

Lisa Buyer author of Social PR Secrets has some key facts about SEO and Public Relations:

  • SEO is no longer a technical skill. It’s a marketing and PR must.
  • Collaborate or die! SEO and PR should no longer be on separate teams.
  • Google is the largest search engine that dictates the SEO “rules” and it’s critical to stay educated and informed on the latest best practices related to SEO writing.
  • Google’s algorithm changes favors quality content over gaming the system with technical “black hat” tactics.
  • PR can be the most valuable SEO weapon.
  • SEO is the most underutilized skill and strategy in the PR industry.
  • SEO has more to do with relevant and quality content that what matters most to your audience.

When Public Relations and SEO are used together effectively it is easier to target your audience to relevant content. Key fact 98% of Journalists use Google Search engines to start their stories.


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