Capturing your audience with Tweets

“We are the generation of Social Media, Our biggest Revolution is a Tweet of 141 Characters.” – @sandrachami

What makes a good tweet? Twitter is no longer just for tweeting about that cool restaurant you ate at today or telling people that you’re at a great concert que the insert a hashtag. Twitter has become a powerful source of social media that can create a more personal connection with followers, used by celebrities, businesses and influential people alike.

A great example of this was when Barack Obama began tweeting for himself from @BarackObama twitter account in time for the American Presidential elections.

So how can you create that perfect tweet to capture a long-term audience and market your brand?

#1 You need to research your audience. Who is your brand marketed at? Once you have established the audience it is easier to begin to capture moments more relevant to your followers.

#2 Moments can be planned for, and so they should be. As attention is steered by the visible crowd.

The more people who retweet and tweet about your brand, the more likely more people will begin to show interest, this is common practice but what most people fail to take advantage of is Twitter is live! Conversational and public. More and more people tweet during live events, concerts, TV programmes and sports games.

#3 Take advantage of promoted tweets to correlate with major events.

Tweeting at peak times is a perfect way to capture your audience, and remember to always be relevant. You need to take advantage of your audience and add value to your tweets as your more likely to gain a retweet, for example include a link to a video.

A good example of this is a case study on Taco Bell who sponsored the NBA during the 2013 season. They used advertising in their twitter timeline and relived the NBA using the hashtag #NBARapidReplay . All it takes is one person to tweet using your hashtag and the rest is a wave effect.

Capturing the audience is all about extending the conversation and building that key relationship!


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