Indonesia… The land of such culture and beauty.

Visiting Indonesia, Bali was definitely on my Wanderlust of places to visit. Having only just finished University I wasn’t quite ready to enter the real world, so the only plausible option for me was to book a flight to the unknown…

I started my long awaited adventure in the end of May 2012 and had no idea at the time how much I would fall in love with this amazing paradise. As the morning of the flight taking off fast approached I began to get more and more anxious of my sillyness to book the 15 hour flight on my own, as I would of been traveling across the continent approximately 17185 km with a hours transit in Kuala Lumpur, the longest I had ever traveled without a companion.   Understandably Mum was not to pleased but hey it had to be done. I needed to lose myself in paradise to truly figure out where I wanted to be next…

Truthfully looking back at this now, it didn’t help me find myself career wise but it definitely allowed me to grow up and experience things that have changed my out-look on the world.

Speaking of experiences, without a doubt people who live and grow up on exotic Islands are the most friendly and easy going people I have met in my life. From the moment I landed to the moment I regrettably had to leave I experienced nothing more but happy, fun and well rounded people.

I honestly got to experience Bali like a local as I met friends out there (I wasn’t quite brave enough to explore on my own just yet..) From having relaxing days on the beach to jumping on a moped and driving into the sunset I took it all in with stride. Strangely enough it didn’t feel like I was diving into the unknown but more as though I was exploring things close to me oddly making me feel at ease.

From the ease of being able to walk to the beach from my hotel, (I stayed in this lovely cottage called Fat Yogi Cottages) to the randomness of finding a local live bar just outside of Bali that not only had live music, something that is not unusual, but a great place to chill out and smoke Sheesha taking in the surroundings and meeting like minded souls from across the globe.  Those same people like me had the pleasure to experience the beauty of Bali and take in the old traditions of Balinese people. The Island was full of such culture and without question one of my fondest memories of this place was having lunch outside a restraurant being surrounded by old temples.

Bali you will forever have a place in my heart and I am sure I will someday blog about you again.


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