February 2014

Woohoo Vegas! Going to Viva Las Vegas is always on everyone’s Bucket List. I am not sure what it is that makes this place so appealing? Maybe it’s the bright lights and party lifestyle… 🙂

Vegas definitely lives up to it name as the city of 24hr entertainment, with the endless casinos in every hotel, pool parties, club nights and shopping or touring during the day, there is always something to do.

The trip to Vegas from London is a long flight, so I was thankful for the in-flight movies as I tend not to sleep very well on planes. As we landed and eventually made it through immigration I was more than happy  to finally relax and check into our hotel as I could of done with the rest, but oh boy was I wrong. Who sleeps when in Vegas? Was I really even questioning that!

Going back to our hotel The Mirage was literally for a quick freshen up and drop off of our luggage, as we landed quite late it was perfect timing to head straight out, grab a quick dinner and party the night away. That night was the first of many nights which turned into a blur of sightseeing  and drink fueled nights.

Being on the strip, well Vegas as a whole is like being in this strange little separate place its like no other that is for sure. The whole place has an exotic aura about it but not exotic in the sense of tropical heat and beaches but more so that this place is slightly alienated from the rest of the world. Its a place people visit to escape the real world and enter a surreal world, true to saying Vegas is a place where anything goes and “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Aside from the usual things to do such as gambling and partying I would defiantly recommend taking a helicopter or light aircraft trip over the Grand Canyon as it is an amazing natural wonder. Another place to tick off your list when in Vegas is visiting the outlets, who doesn’t love a good bargain when shopping for designer bags, clothes or accessories!  The one I visited was the Las Vegas South Premium outlets which can easily be reached by a short bus ride from the strip.

My time in Vegas was short lived as I went for my sisters 30th and just short of the start of the summer season so there will be no doubt I will be back one day soon to tick off pool parties on my list of things to do when in Vegas.


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