April 2013 The time I decided to book a last minute trip to Rome that and it was my birthday so what better way to celebrate being 24 then traveling to Europe.

I have so much fondness for Europe, it has this magical and quaintness aura about it; the winding cobbled streets, small open cafes and towns full of culture and history. Rome is no different it is a place that is full of history, the Colosseum, Pantheon, The Vatican and the romantic Trevi Fountain where no doubt a number of people have been proposed to just to name a few. Every corner you turn you are bound to find a treasured piece of culture.

With many European cities Rome to is a great weekend break as most of the main attractions can be explored within a day or two, do however keep an entire day free if you wish to visit the Vatican and watch out for the hundreds of tour groups trying to sell you a package tour its best to shop around for the best priced guide. You can however skip the €80+ Euros of a tour and walk around yourself which is exactly what I did as most of the artwork around has signs in English and Italian explaining what they are. The bad side of this however is once you have finished exploring you than need to join another horrendous queue to visit the Sistine Chapel or if you were as lucky (OK maybe just a lil cheeky) as me as I found the secret door the guides take which take you directly down to the Sistine Chapel skipping all queues.

Aside from the history, Italy is renowned for its exquisite food and drink and the Gnocchi and Wine are to die for a must if you visit. One of my favourite places to eat whilst I was here were the restaurants just near the Pantheon mouthwatering is what comes to mind.

I have to say I loved being in Rome, well Italy in general as out of Europe Italy after Paris will always be one of my favourite places to run away to and enjoy a weekend break.


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